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Dear visitors!

We have windows in stock that are white both on the outside and inside. All windows are manufactured using double glazing with the following specifications: 4/16AR/4TM; U=1,1 (4mm glass / 16mm argon-filled air gap / 4mm thermal insulation glass. The specific thermal resistance of the windows is 1.1). If you need windows with a wider profile and double or triple glazing (4TM/18AR/4/18AR/4TM; U = 0,5), we offer custom manufacturing. The average lead time for such windows is 3 weeks. On this page below you will find all window sizes and prices.


The list of rejected windows with unusual sizes that are in stock now can be found HERE!

Our store always has over 100 windows to choose from. And at the main warehouse, we store more than 10 units of each model, allowing us to deliver within 2 days. The prices of the windows include turnover tax and include complete sets with fittings and handles. We also have mosquito nets available, which can be purchased together with the windows in stock. Additionally, we offer custom-made mosquito nets in individual sizes within 2 days. There are also accessories available for the windows, and we can deliver them to you through a postal machine for your convenience.

NB! Height of the window increases by 30mm due to the lower installation profile.


We kindly ask you to pre-book the windows to ensure availability and accommodate your needs.

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