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Жилой дом




REVLIS is an exterior door available in various color combinations. It is mostly used as an entrance door to public buildings. AGAT doors can open outwards as well as inwards. They come standard with a double-sided locking handle and a low aluminum threshold.


The REVLIS door uses a 4-chamber door leaf profile and a 6-chamber profile frame with a width of 70 mm. They are characterized by the rounded contours of the frames and doors, which together give an interesting appearance. The profile used is made with calcium-zinc stabilizers, which is why it is environmentally friendly. In this profile, you can use triple glazing with a warm frame. Possible connection with the CLASSIC window system. Standard REVLIS doors are available with a white profile. In addition, a wide selection of veneer profiles allows you to create the door of your dreams that matches every style and interior.

Glass package

The most important thing in our windows is the glass in the glass package, in which LOOK (THERMOFLOAT) film is used. The main advantage of LOOK-coated windows is the true presentation of colors and shapes, which gives the interior the right exposure and the right view of the landscape from the inside. High light transmittance (82% in single-chamber glazing, 74% in double-chamber glazing). High thermal conductivity coefficient (64% in single-chamber glass package, 53% in double-chamber level). Possibility to use different glass packages, made of high-quality material, according to customer's sizes and needs.

The main, frequently used glazing unit is single-chamber 4/16AR/4TM with a coefficient of thermal conductivity of U = 1.1 or U = 1.0 and an additional LOOK coating (THERMOFLOAT). Double-chamber glass units 4/12AR/4/12AR/4TM with thermal conductivity coefficient U=0.7 are very often used. In addition, you can use a glass package with a warm frame in different colors that can be matched to any window profile.

The main glazing units can be combined with other functions, depending on the customer's needs. For example, you can order:

● Safe and anti-theft glass units,

● Glass units with sun protection

● Decorative glass units

● Soundproof glass units

● Tempered glass units.

Double-glazed windows may have false slats located between the panes. They can be film-colored or painted according to an individual RAL color, which gives the windows an elegant and unique look. False slats are a decorative element of the glass package, which is firmly attached to the frame. A two-tone option is also used, taking into account the needs of the client - the color outside is different from the color inside the room. Available in 8mm, 18mm, 26mm and 45mm widths.

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