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Стеки Windows

Discounts up to 20%
Your chance to buy the best!

Don't miss our special offers!
Currently, discounts of up to 20% apply to custom-made windows! Explore our personalized window solutions and find the perfect windows at attractive prices. This offer is limited, so act quickly to take advantage of this unique opportunity!


The most popular standard solution in today's construction and renovation works are plastic PVC windows. Therefore, it is very important to choose the best windows for yourself, which usually cost a lot of money! But EU Aknad wants our customer to be able to get extremely high quality at the best price! Our windows guarantee you acoustic comfort, high heat savings and a stylish and modern appearance, regardless of the choice of colour!

We have a wide range of PVC and aluminum windows:
  • Windows of different sizes and shapes - both standard and non-standard

  • A wide range of colors so that you can match the windows to the color of the facade and the interior

  • Different profiles of the highest quality, suitable for a private house, apartment, cottage and office

  • An individual approach to meeting the needs of customers

Минимальный дизайн

EU Aknad Windows

One of the most important aspects of any home is its windows and doors. If chosen correctly, it highlights the character of the building and acts as a showcase. At the same time, they must provide us with comfort and security. The windows of our European manufacturer "EU Aknad" combine a distinctive style with advanced energy efficiency technologies and new functional solutions. Our manufacturer's windows are distinguished by their appearance and elegant aesthetics thanks to a wide selection of colors and window details. We offer the warmest PVC windows.


Buying windows for your home is a significant investment, so it's important to consider all of your options and choose the window that best suits your needs. The quality of the windows is largely determined by the profiles, our window profiles are often used to demonstrate the quality, made of the highest quality materials, reinforced with sufficient structural rigidity and the necessary width to ensure high thermal insulation.

The profiles of our manufacturers are distinguished by various certificates, diplomas and quality marks attributed to them as a result of research and control of production processes, as well as other different types of certificates, diplomas and quality marks.

красочное здание

Choose the colour of the veneer (window moldings).

We have a wide selection of PVC overlays in different colours. Choose the right colour and enjoy windows that perfectly match the overall appearance of the facade!

Стеклянная дверь

No obstacles!

Barrier-free sliding doors of the HST system are the perfect choice for people with disabilities! In addition, it is equally suitable for anyone who appreciates comfort and simplicity!

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