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About EU Aknad OÜ

Why choose EU Aknad? Customers prefer EU Aknad because we work directly with the leading European window manufacturer. In cooperation with the client, we always use individual work schemes based on the client's preferences and wishes. We honestly fulfill the terms of delivery of windows and plastics doors. We provide guarantees, organize campaigns and prepare special offers. We open great opportunities for partners to run a profitable business.

Eu Aknad offers one of the lowest prices for windows in Estonia. We have excluded all additional costs so that the final cost of the window is as low as possible. Such a customer-friendly indicator as a low price is achieved thanks to large sales and delivery volumes. We do not skimp on the quality of the goods or the wages of the producers. By contacting us, you will get a beautiful solution at the best price.

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Information about our manufacturers and suppliers

Our current supply partner is involved in the production of PVC and aluminum window and door frames. His products are highly valued in the countries of the European Union. The skills, experience and knowledge acquired by a young, qualified team over several years lead to the dynamic development of the company. This, in turn, makes it possible to invest income in such innovative industrial machines as URBAN, KABAN, FIMTEC. The result of our manufacturer's activities is the production of high-quality products in accordance with the certificate PN EN 14351-1: 2006 + A1: 2010.

It is possible to receive offers from our manufacturer for the following products:

  • Closed windows;

  • One-piece pivoting and pivoting/tilting windows;

  • Two-part pivoting and pivoting/tilting windows;

  • Three-part pivoting and pivoting/tilting windows;

  • Two-part windows without central post;

  • Sliding windows;

  • Windows of different shapes (arches, circles, triangles, trapezoids);

  • Balcony doors;

  • Sliding doors;

  • Sliding balcony doors;

  • Exterior doors;

  • And other things.

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