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Welcome to the world of impeccable elegance and reliability with our premium window profile PREMIUM LIGHT! PREMIUM LIGHT is a profile that combines the highest quality with outstanding technical characteristics. Let me tell you about some key features of this profile:

Best PVC Materials: We trust only the best PVC materials to create a profile of the highest quality and durability.

Profile Width 80 mm: PREMIUM LIGHT has an increased width of 80 mm, giving it maximum strength and stability.

Six-Chamber Profile with Large Chambers: Our profile is equipped with a six-chamber structure with large chambers, providing outstanding thermal and sound insulation, as well as proper ventilation and rainwater drainage. Your home will stay clean, quiet, and comfortable.

Sharp Classic Edges: The PREMIUM LIGHT profile stands out with its sharp classic edges, giving the windows an elegant and stylish look.

Additional Sealing Rubber Element: For even more reliable sealing, we use an additional sealing rubber element that protects your home from weather conditions and cold.

Option to Install Double Glazed Units with U=1.1 and Triple Glazed Units with U=0.5: PREMIUM LIGHT offers you a choice between double and triple glazed units with outstanding thermal insulation properties, to keep your home always cozy.

Wide Range of Colors: You can choose the profile color that perfectly suits the style of your interior or exterior.

German ROTO Hardware: For maximum reliability and convenience, we install world-renowned German ROTO hardware.

PREMIUM LIGHT is perfect for both homes and apartments, providing comfort and style in every living space. Choose the PREMIUM LIGHT profile and get reliable, stylish, and efficient window systems. Create your perfect home with PREMIUM LIGHT!

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